Level 1 Firearms Use & Preliminary Safety (Shotgun) Safety, Theory and Practice

(1 day: Safety; Theory; and, Practical)

Sessions: Theory (am)

  • The shotgun – component parts and their function
  • The shotgun cartridge – component parts and their function
  • Legislation and the use of shotguns
  • Basic health and safety and shotgun use
  • The storage and transportation of shotguns
  • The benefits & variety of shooting sports

Practical (pm)

  • Shotgun – safe handling and use (practical) – range of clay targets
  • Cleaning and maintenance

This is relative to the following NOS units.

National Occupational Standards NOS Unit NOS Unit Title
Gamekeeping and Wildlife Management (Sept 2008) CU27 Maintain equipment and machines
Common Unit CU1 Maintain safe and effective working practices