Level 1 Firearms Use & Preliminary Safety (Rifle) Safety, Theory and Practice

(1 day: Safety; theory; and, practical course)


Theory (am)

  • The sporting rifle – component parts and their function
  • The rifle cartridge – component parts and their function
  • Legislation and the use of firearms – rifles
  • Basic health and safety and rifle use
  • The storage and transportation of rifles
  • The benefits of shooting sports

Practical (pm)

  • Rifle – safe handling and use in the field (practical 100m range) Prone; kneeling; standing positions
  • Scopes; range; zeroing
  • Cleaning and maintenance

Relative to the following NOS units:


National Occupational Standards NOS Unit NOS Unit Title
Gamekeeping and Wildlife Management (Sept 2008) CU27 Maintain equipment and machines
Common Unit CU1 Maintain safe and effective working practices