Level 2 Fox Control (Centre Fire Rifle) Safety, Theory and Practice

Fox Control Centrefire Rifle: Level 2

2 day safety, theory and practical course


Day 1

 Rifle: safe handling and use

  • Firearms legislation
  • Set–up, ballistics and maintenance
  • Legislation – fox control
  • Fox behaviour and life history
  • Fox control – planning and application
  • Principles of marksmanship
  • Use of vehicles
  • Health and safety planning – applied risk assessment
  • Activity records and recording procedure
  • Assessing land for rifle use
  • Night shooting assessment

Day 2

  •  Practical range assessment
  • Maintenance – cleaning
National Occupational Standards NOS Unit NOS Unit Title
Gamekeeping and Wildlife Management (Sept 2008) CU27 Maintain equipment and machines
Gamekeeping and Wildlife Management (Sept 2008) CU47 Control vertebrate pests and predators by shooting
Gamekeeping and Wildlife Management (Sept 2008) Ga1 Assist in game shooting activities
Gamekeeping and Wildlife Management (Sept 2008) Ga2 Monitor game populations and habitat
Pest Control (Mar 2006) ASPC1 Assess a site
Pest Control (Mar 2006) ASPC2 Organise resources for action
Pest Control (Mar 2006) ASPC3 Minimise risk to health, safety and the environment
Pest Control (Mar 2006) ASPC5 Control pests
Pest Control (Mar 2006) ASPC8 Monitor pest control activities
Land-based Operations (Jan 02) CU8 Transport supplies of physical resources within the work area
Land-based Operations (Jan 02) CU12 Prepare and operate a power vehicle
Amenity Horticulture (Jul 07) L27 Use and maintain equipment and machines
Common Unit CU2 Monitor and maintain health and safety


All courses are assessed by practical demonstration; verbal question and answer and short written questions